Static BIM Object Library (ObjLib)

A simpler approach to BIM object distribution using pre-set configurations

Key features

All your BIM models in one place

Manage data easily.

Revit or Archicad overlays allow you to view, filter and manage BIM models from within your design software.


Avoid errors. Share accurate data.

A manufacturer-issued library serves as a guarantee of your quality and reliability.

Consistent data

Collate, analyse, track.

The static libraries we develop for you ensure data consistency across all projects.

Your key to the BIM world

Start trends, set standards.

BIM is no longer the future, it’s the present. The digital transformation in construction is already underway.

BIM models from a single source, all in one place

Most BIM platforms, where models from various manufacturers are uploaded in bulk, make it difficult to find the right solutions. Adding specialised product models to one common repository can discourage potential buyers due to the time it takes to search for what they need.

With Grasper Lite, our static BIM object library for Revit and Archicad, we give you the ability to target your audience and showcase available proprietary solutions in one place.

If your range consists of fixed products with few variations, a static library is for you.

Additional features

Database driven

The database structure allows the BIM library to be easily extended, modified and versioned.

Online data validation

Online connection guarantees that the information in the library is up to date for every user.

Additional tools for designers

Extending the functionality of basic design software benefits your customers. Dedicated lists, calculators, and automation tools are just some of the ways we can add value.

Easy searching

Dynamic filters, ordered lists, and product visualisations make it easier and faster to select the right product.


Your corporate logo as well as colour scheme and user interface will be based on your brand, highlighting the distinctiveness of your library.

Additional data

Buttons link the library to your website. Essential documents like declarations of conformity, certificates or instructions are available directly from the ObjLib dialog box.


Models can be developed according to any LOD/LOI standard.


We support local companies but also global players. We can develop your library in any language.

Offer your project clients a model solution with a static BIM library.

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We look forward to showing you how our platform’s flexible tools and intuitive user experience can help your business grow and move your business forward.

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