Dynamic BIM Object Generator

An innovative approach to creating BIM models with an infinite number of configurations.

Key features

Dynamic 24/7 generator

Dynamically creates models 24 hours a day in key formats like RFA, IFC and DWG.

Integrates with any selection software

Directly connects with your choice of selection software.

Unlimited configuration options

Integrates with your internal selection systems to provide endless product configurations.

Always up to date

Direct connection to your selection software guarantees accurate and up-to-date technical parameters.

Encrypted distribution security

Models sent to designers via email are securely encrypted.

Fully scaleable

Generate as many models as you want; the system is tailored to your needs.

Models on demand:
the ideal solution for companies with customisable products

To stay competitive, materials and equipment manufacturers need to offer customers maximum flexibility and the ability to tailor products to their specific needs.

However, this approach makes it difficult to develop a fixed BIM product library, especially for equipment manufacturers who are increasingly being asked to produce one-off products.

codeBIM’s Dynamic BIM Object Generator (BOG) can handle an unlimited number of variants and is the best option when traditional BIM libraries aren’t practical.

And if you’re not set up to offer customers maximum flexibility, we can help build the software you need, and link it with our Dynamic BIM Object Generator.

If you offer product configuration, the codeBIM BOG system will effortlessly integrate with your existing software to generate unlimited BIM models.

Additional features

Geometrics and parametrics

The generated models consist of both 3D geometric representations and parametric information.

Varying LOD/LOI levels

Models can be generated according to any LOD/LOI standard.


The codeBIM BOG system is fully scalable, with output from a few thousand models a day upwards.


To keep models from getting into the wrong hands, access is protected by an encrypted link.


codeBIM BOG is individually tailored to each customer meaning you decide how you want your models to look.


Models are stored and archived on your server or in the cloud.

Grow customer relationships through a library without limits.

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