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Manufacturing company Klimor is a leading supplier of standard and highly-specialised air
conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems both onshore and in the maritime sector.
Founded in Gdynia in 1967, Klimor has been successfully operating as part of the Klima-Therm Group since 2010. Outside of Europe, Klimor sells air conditioning and ventilation equipment in the United States through Klimor USA Inc.
At the end of 2021, Klimor saw sales of PLN 548 million; 25% higher year-on-year and the highest in the Group’s history.
These ongoing record sales are supported by innovative tools, one of which is a dynamic BIM model generator for air handling units developed by codeBIM for Klimor in 2022.
The tool is directly linked to the manufacturer’s selection software so that data is always correct and consistent.
The generator creates models in two formats: RFA (Revit® software) and IFC, and is capable of generating several thousand models per day.

The key functionalities of the solution include:

1. A bridge connecting the generator to the selection software enabling the flow of device data
2. A 3D geometry generator with HVAC, hydraulic and electrical connectors as well as service areas
3 A parameteriser that assigns information to the 3D shapes
4. Support for metric and imperial units of measurement
5. Support for one language at the request of Klimor
6. Email capabilities
7. Reporting

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