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Established in the Podhale region in the late 1960s by Jan Luberda, Blachotrapez has grown to be one of the largest roofing companies in Poland, boasting the biggest retail sales network in the country.

Impressed with codeBIM’s unique industry experience and products, Blachotrapez commissioned us in 2020 to create tools for Revit and Archicad software that would support the work of designers.

This resulted in the creation of twin applications BTrevi and BTarch, which contain one of the largest texture databases in Poland.

The applications allow users to:

1. Create and insert new types of system families for roofing and elevation into the model

2. Generate materials with textures, colours, bump maps and fill patterns

3. Filter to allow the selection of appropriate products depending on the specific investment

4. Access product documentation directly from the add-on

5. Update parameters and documentation when new products appear or when inventory changes are made

6. Select and generate KROP gutter systems

7. Create schedules of materials and accessories in XLSX and PDF formats

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