BIM for Manufacturers

Increase product orders and strengthen your brand

BIM product models increase the likelihood that your products will be chosen for construction projects.

More and more manufacturers of building materials and equipment are creating product libraries and applications to encourage closer cooperation with designers and investors.

According to the 2017 NBS National BIM Report produced in the UK, 95% of designers expect BIM models from manufacturers. In fact, a lack of available BIM models of your products can be a reason to reject your offer.

BIM models are the best way to launch your business into the digital world of the future.

Benefits of optimised 3D BIM models

Streamlines the design process and simplifies work for designers
Promotes your brand and opens the door to bigger investments
Once developed, can be used by designers anywhere for many years

“A majority of manufacturers who have adopted BIM believe it has given them a competitive advantage and prevents them getting left behind.”

- NBS National BIM Report for Manufacturers 2017

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